Thursday, September 4, 2008

99K House Competition Opening Reception

Last night, the 2008 99K House Competition opening reception was packed with design enthusiasts. The Competition is sponsored by the Rice Design Alliance and the American Institute of Architects, Houston Chapter. The challenge to the designers and architects was "to create an innovative design for a small house that is affordable, sustainable, and energy efficient." There were 184 entries from around the United States. The complete list of participants is at

The competition winner was Hybrid/ORA from Seattle, Washington with Core, a compact, highly adaptable house. Core will be built in Houston. The City of Houston is donating a site for the house through the Land Assemblage Redevelopment Authority (LARA) initiative.

Architecture Center Houston

Houston's Mayor Bill White outlined an opportunity for the design savvy, who can qualify for FHA loans, to build a 99k home on inner city land. The city will assist the future homeowner or investor with low cost land and other aspects of turning one of these modern, energy efficient designs into a reality.

Some of the finalist's models above and below.

At such design events as these, the potential of running into friends with like passions is the big draw and this event did not disappoint.

More friends, some old and some new.

Another winner at this reception was Gourmet Familia, Charles M. Morales' catering company. Also, the gourmet marshmallows by Sharon Erisman of Queen Bee Marshmallows, were a true taste experience. Pictured above are the cayenne pepper with dark chocolate marshmallows, my favorite. Gourmet Familia is located at 12633 Memorial Drive, Suite 181, Houston, Texas. 832-526-8236; Queen Bee Marshmallows: 281-433-5235.


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