Sunday, October 5, 2008

Confessions of a Magazine Addict

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Côté Paris n°2

Sortie le 4 octobre 2008

Côté Paris n°2, currently a semi-annual publication, was supposed to be on the newsstands yesterday; but apparently not in Houston. I've searched the City high and low. I previously attempted to get several bookshops to put this issue on hold for me but no dice! I have yet to find a way to subscribe to this magazine stateside. One periodicals dealer did say that he expects his French magazines to be delivered on Wednesday.

Most of the designers, whom I know, confessed that they have had 4 October on their day planners since they got their hands on Côté Paris n°1 last April. One well-known, Houston-based French minimalist designer had her sister fly from Paris to Houston with the first issue. I don't know what her strategy is for the second issue.

Meanwhile, my frantic search will continue; until I score, I'll have to settle for this teaser.

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