Friday, October 10, 2008

Domestic Excitement

It's finally here! The book I ordered long before its distribution date was determined, "Domestic Art, Curated Interiors" by Holly Moore, Rob Brinkley and Laurann Claridge; Principal Photography by Ka Yeung and Tria Giovan; Additional photography by Steve Wrubel, Stephen Karlisch, Guillaume Garrigue, Jack Thompson, Paul Hester, Hickey-Robertson and Mali Azima. The written commentary and photography are superb.

Sit right here with me on My Ranchburger rug (which is Menil gray) and devour each delicious morsel that these authors and photographers pulled from the pages of PaperCity.

Here's Aaron Rambo's home. It looks just like the vintage and antiques shop, Found, that he co-owns. Tall Husband buys vintage lab glass from Found.

I love Hiram Butler's place. Tall Husband and I enjoy the gallery in which Butler is a partner, Devin Borden Hiram Butler Gallery; the Gallery is a short walk, through a magical white Oleander alley, from his 1880's house. The story about Butler's having discovered that squirrels had insulated the walls of this house with pecans is charming. I remember having read it in PaperCity years ago and was delighted to read it again in Domestic Art.

Don't You just love the Menil gray of this wall in the living room of the de Menil house? There is a village of Menil gray bungalows that surrounds the de Menil Museum here in Houston. Dominique de Menil once rented them only to artists. (I had an eccentric friend, a famous photographer, who lived in one of her gray bungalows years ago. He never forgave me for running off to Paris with Tall Husband and he quit speaking to me when we returned from Paris to be married.)

I remember seeing this magical place in PaperCity. If I'm not mistaken, it's on Blossom Street, just east of Shepherd, just before you get to Hiram Butler's place. Wouldn't you love to sit down and have a drink with this lady, Salle Werner-Vaughn, in her fairytale aerie? I bet she has some great stories to tell.

Click on each photo to enlarge.

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  1. What a great post - the Menil is one of my most favorite places on Earth .

    Your life is absolutely fascinating to me - I love reading your stories .

  2. How wonderful! They were sold out when I went to order! My brother, Aaron Rambo, gave me the link to this blog (I hope you don't mind) and I am thrilled to see this!
    Do you mind if I link this post on my blog for my friends to see?

  3. Hello,
    Thanks Kelley and Abby!

    Abby, I would be honored if you linked to your brother's post.

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