Monday, December 8, 2008

French Enamel Signs

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These signs are on doors at My Ranchburger. I think they lend a touch of French wit. We purchased them several years ago from a tiny shop in Paris, Papeterie Moderne. The original owners, the charming Joseph and Jacqueline Bakerdjian, helped us choose our signs.

Papeterie Moderne first opened, it was in the middle of the largest centralized food market in Europe, Les Halles. They sold string, paper wrappings and stickers to merchants who were selling poultry, meat , eggs, cheese, butter and vegetables to all of Paris. When the central market moved to the suburbs of Paris, Joseph and Jacqueline morphed their business into a sign shop to serve the small shops that sprang up around them. Their enamel signs became popular with tourists like us and Papeterie Moderne became known around the world for its French Enamel Signs.

Joseph and Jacqueline later sold their shop to Josette Samuel who is a potter. Josette renamed the shop Plaques et Pot and sells her pottery along with the famous French enamel signs.


  1. Wow, Annie. They are really beautiful and sweet! I also loves enamel signs, I have a small collection of old advertising signs at home and have even brought my own personalised blue house number and name plate from