Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zamore Homes Open House

The Design Within Reach furniture and accessories used in styling the Zamore Homes event were a perfect combination.

Zamore Homes of Houston held an open house today to show off their Kit Collection 2009. On display were two homes on Center Street, one furnished and the other unfurnished, plus a small guest house. (By the way, the two homes are for sale and the guest house is for rent.)

The Architect's models for Kit Collection Homes were on display in the guest house.

The unfurnished house allowed one to appreciate the absolute perfection in the execution of a perfect minimalist design. The real luxury in these kit houses, aside from built-in quality, is the use of high ceilings and the abundance of natural light.

Every entrance was an exercise in minimalist drama. The stylist used a light touch to continue the theme.

This is perfect, affordable minimalism; and you thought that was an oxymoron.
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  1. Hi Annie,
    Nice to find you here! I got here by Googling the Barbara Hill "Pulpoetry" collection, and was delighted to also find on your front page this item on the Zamore open house, which was developed by Area 16, the company I co-founded with my husband, Mark! We had no idea we had made it to the blogosphere. So thanks, and I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Jenny Johnson

    PS: Love your photos.

  2. Jenny,

    Thank you so much for dropping by. I love your houses, both design and quality of them. I also did a posting sometime ago on my other blog: (there are some problems with Google's Blogger forwarding custom domain blogs (i.e., The Bunny Bungalow) so there are some intermittent slow-load problems with it.

    I also saw the posting with wonderful photos that Carolina of did on your company, Area 16.

  3. Jenny,

    P.S. Gus of Swamplot e-mailed me today asking to use some of my photos of your project on his blog.

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