Friday, March 13, 2009

Ligne Roset: Grand Re-Opening Party

Last night, Ligne Roset Houston held their Grand Re-Opening party to celebrate their move to the new River Oaks location. Their new showroom is drop-dead gorgeous. Styling by Anne Breux.  Photography by Annie Sitton.

Bruce Wolfe, owner of Ligne Roset Houston, with a party guest. (Bruce does the best Truman Capote!)

Ligne Roset Houston: New storefront.

All of Ligne Roset's events are attended by an interesting mix of Francophiles who happen to be French design aficionados, and last night was no exception. The conversation flowed as freely as the French wine.

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Ligne Roset Houston has a line of chic accessories to complement their furniture, including an impressive selection of items for table top. That trivet, above, composed of forks, knives and spoons, is as functional as it is witty.

Note: Tall Husband, who says, "One can never have too many chairs," did resist buying more chairs last night; but he couldn't resist a certain floor lamp. You'll get to see it later.

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