Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring at My Ranchburger

Each Spring, fragrant Azaleas hide my ranchburger.

I gather armloads and arrange them in my favorite vases, such as this French design that looks like appropriated test tubes.

Is it any wonder that Spring is our favorite time of year?
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Note: Indulge in Houston has the French "Vase D'avril" by Tse&Tse. Get the large one!


  1. I adore spring too and you're lucky to have so many flowers in your garden.

  2. Mine too - though I can't compete with that!

  3. Found your blog after reading your comment on walking in stillness. Fascinating contribution. You may be interested in my blog.

  4. Wow, LOOK at all those beautiful flowers. They must smell as amazing as they look. Our leaves on some of our understory bushes are just starting to come out and today Stacey and I noticed some Veronica flowering in the garden. Spring has finally sprung for us here in WA State.