Monday, May 4, 2009

DWR Presents: M+D+F 2009

Persimmon: Lighting by Gian Calaci

M+D+F at DWR Austin Studio May 3, 2009

Design Within Reach Austin Studio presented the winners of M+D+F 2009, a juried exhibition of new and exciting designs by emerging designers from the Austin area. The judges for M+D+F were Liz Lambert, hotelier; Jack Sanders, founder of Design Build Adventure; Tracey Overbeck Stead, interior designer; and Steve Ross, professor of architecture at University of Texas and founder of Design Build Alliance. The exhibition was an impressive collection of furniture and lighting designs that were functional, esthetically appealing and crafted to perfection. Each piece in this collection exemplified what good design is about today: it's first of all functional, then beautiful and finally it is environmentally kind. Watch out Didier Gomez!

Vickie Collins, proprietor of DWR Austin Studio, hosted this important and wonderful design event. Thanks Vickie for a great afternoon. And congratulations to all the designers in this exhibition. Tall Husband and I loved meeting you and test driving your beautiful designs.

Click on Photos to enlarge and to read additional information.

Seen at DWR Austin Studio. And why the sandals? Just because they are great design and so cool and hip.
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Chad Kelly
Delish Cupcakes
DWR Austin Studio
Henry Levine Design, Inc
Hotel Saint Cecilia (Just because Tall Husband and I had a wonderful stay there this past weekend, and because it's one of Liz Lambert's hotels. More about Hotel Saint Cecilia, later, over at The Bunny Bungalow. )


  1. awesome! thanks for sharing. looks interesting.

  2. So much cool stuff... Love the sandals!

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