Monday, August 31, 2009

Viva Vitra

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Vitra Design Museum Miniatures Collection: LC1 Sling Chair (Photo by Annie Sitton.)

Don't you just love the Vitra DesignMuseum's Miniatures Collection? This tiny Le Corbusier is one of my favorite souvenirs and is from a visit to Corbusier's famous Villa Savoye near Paris. Cassina is the licensed maker of the daddy of this chair, Le Corbusier's Sling Chair, LC1.

Vitra's Miniatures Collection encompasses almost 100 designs. These miniatures are sought by collectors, as well as academics who use them in the teaching of design.
And children love to offer a seat to Barbie or GI Joe.

Outside Link:
If you are a Lego Loony, go have a look at a wonderful Lego model of Villa Savoye by Matija Grguric, an architect student in Zagreb, Croatia.


  1. I'm so glad you liked the Villa Savoye. I adore it but very few people make the trek outside Paris to see it.

  2. I wonder though, do you think those chairs are really comfortable ? Great post though !

  3. Mary-Laure: It's great to find someone else who "gets" modern design, especially French!

    Elise: We have two of these chairs and surprisingly they are comfortable. The chair back is adjustable to fits the human back perfectly. However, we also have a Corbusier day bed that is not comfortable to sit on, but it's so darn chic!

  4. Design lovers you have to meet this Brand.