Friday, October 9, 2009

Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge: Houston

This isn't your grandma's bowling ball!

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Felix Hernandez of Behind the Garden Gate here in Houston has connections, so he got my camera and me invited to the huge opening party at Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge. When Tall Husband saw the lines, he groaned that we would never get in. Not so...I flashed my blog card and before you could yell "Strike!" we were in the door sporting the orange wrist band issued to members of the press.

Lucky Strike is definitely not the bowling alley of your birthday party days as a kid. The place is all modern chic and hopping. There are lanes, lounges, pool tables, deejay music, drinks and great food. Oh, and it's a great people-watching place.

(Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge is located in the Houston Pavilions, Downtown Houston.)
Don't live in Houston? There are 21 Lucky Strike locations throughout the United States.