Saturday, March 27, 2010

Art Discovery

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3'x4' art piece that's been hidden away in the garage for ten years.

As I have previously written, Tall Husband and I are preparing to downsize from two houses to one. We are selling My Ranchburger and have moved into The Bunny Bungalow full time. In the process of cleaning out the garage at My Ranchburger, we found a piece of art by our twin granddaughters, Sofia and Andrea. I remember when the two found a blank piece of cardboard and decided on this joint project. They were four that summer.

At four, they were greatly influenced by Joan Miró, the artist and the Powerpuff Girls, a television action animation. If you look closely, you can see the little Miró stars and of course the twins' version of a Powerpuff girl. Sofia recently attempted to take full credit for the drawing, pointing out that only her signature is on the piece. I reminded her that her signature appears on many pieces that Andrea did solo when they were younger. Sofia admitted to the forgeries but defended the misdeeds, saying that she only signed the ones that "showed real artistic talent."

Note: The Twins have just turned fourteen and will be defending their title of district doubles champs in tennis next month. They move across the court as graceful as swans on water...then kill you at the net.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chic French Lamp Finds Home

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It Isn't Easy Downsizing

Our Ranchburger will go up for sale soon, so we are finding homes for our treasures. Saara, our daughter-in-law, and Tall Son have always loved this Ligne Roset Lamp, so they took it home with them yesterday. Tall Husband and I have visitation rights.

Anyone want the 3.5' x 8' dining table with the eight Marcel Breuer chairs? They have seen hundreds of dinners and been privy to great conversations and secrets over the last thirty-five years...great vibes included.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Ranchburger is For Sale

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My Ranchburger last Spring.

My Ranchburger will be listed early in April. Tall Husband and I are downsizing...from two homes to one and moving full-time to The Bunny Bungalow in Houston Heights. Our favorite Realtor will be handling the sale for us.