Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Putting All Our Eggs in One Basket

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Our Ranchburger is "Sale Pending." So it seems that we will be downsizing...from two homes in the same city, to one...a tiny 1920's bungalow.

I shall continue to write about modern design and the minimalist life here at this blog. It's just that I'll not have My Ranchburger - well it will be my virtual ranchburger. We will be taking our Le Corbusier furniture with us to the garage/studio that we are building out back of the bungalow. What a shock that will be for visitors, walking into an Arts & Crafts style building then finding oneself in a French modern space. I love shocks!


  1. congrats annie! that was a quick turnaround! i really can't wait to see the finished addition! it looks great so far! has it been a good experience for y'all? hope all is well!

  2. best of luck to your consolidation! your bungalow looks beautiful. see you soon around the corner :)