Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Birth of an Icon in Austin: The Kimber Modern

DWR Austin Studio
DWR Austin, in partnership with Tablet Hotels, hosted a fabulous evening with the creators of that Über Chic B&B, Kimber Modern. So, Tall Husband and I had to hop into his red old Beemer just wouldn't do...and head for DWR and Kimber Modern in Austin.

Burton Baldridge, Kimber Modern's architect, and Vicki Faust, co-owner, dazzled us with the magical story of the collaboration that brought a unique, modern concept into existence.

Kimber Cavendish, (she's on the left in the middle, top photo) co-owner of Kimber Modern, drew names for free nights at the Kimber. And darn, we didn't win...!

Tall Husband and I arrive at the Kimber Modern...definitely not your grandma's B&B.
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...but hey, we already had reservations at Kimber Modern, which gave us room-side seats to the great party that followed.

Note: I'll later post about the Kimber Modern party, bunnies, the Airstream trailer on the roof and a tree named Hillary.

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Thanks to DWR Austin Studio's Vickie Collins and staff for a great event.