Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Birth of an Icon in Austin: The Kimber Modern

DWR Austin Studio
DWR Austin, in partnership with Tablet Hotels, hosted a fabulous evening with the creators of that Über Chic B&B, Kimber Modern. So, Tall Husband and I had to hop into his red old Beemer just wouldn't do...and head for DWR and Kimber Modern in Austin.

Burton Baldridge, Kimber Modern's architect, and Vicki Faust, co-owner, dazzled us with the magical story of the collaboration that brought a unique, modern concept into existence.

Kimber Cavendish, (she's on the left in the middle, top photo) co-owner of Kimber Modern, drew names for free nights at the Kimber. And darn, we didn't win...!

Tall Husband and I arrive at the Kimber Modern...definitely not your grandma's B&B.
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...but hey, we already had reservations at Kimber Modern, which gave us room-side seats to the great party that followed.

Note: I'll later post about the Kimber Modern party, bunnies, the Airstream trailer on the roof and a tree named Hillary.

Remember to click on photos to enlarge.

Thanks to DWR Austin Studio's Vickie Collins and staff for a great event.


  1. Looks great Annie. I love learning of new places in Austin. I am pretty hooked on the San Jose but might have to visit the Kimber Modern soon. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Just one more reason why I'd love to visit Austin. Everyone says it's a GREAT place.

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