Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kimber Modern and a Tree Named Hillary

The courtyard at Kimber Modern B&B.

The uncommon common room of Kimber Modern B&B. Architects: Burton Baldridge Architects, Austin, Texas

Guest rooms off the courtyard.

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A tree named Hillary
This tree is named Hillary, as she is the namesake of another Hillary. Both were showing signs of losing during construction and recent primaries. The B&B co-owners passionately supported both and point out that both Hillary and Hillary are thriving and looking forward to the future.

If you love modern design, solitude, and pampering, Kimber Modern in Austin is the B&B for you. Tall Husband and I loved padding barefoot across the shaded courtyard to the common room to find a buffet from which guests could put together their own breakfasts. You could stay here for a week and not see staff, which you'll love if your are weary of all the fawning that occurs at most high-end establishments. You don't even have to check in or out or carry a key card. You make your reservation on line and choose your own entry code which will let you into the main entrance and your room.

Oh...if you do find yourself at Kimber Modern, give Hillary a hug for me.

Note: The photos above were taken at a recent party sponsored by Austin's Design Within Reach Studio, Kimber Modern and Tablet Hotels. Also, see my posting about the super cool Tax Trailer which is on the roof of Kimber Modern. (Click on photos to enlarge.)