Sunday, October 10, 2010

Art With an Edge

Allegiance by Sculptor/Painter Patrick Medrano

Detail of Allegiance

Posted by Picasa
The piece is mounted in it's own architectural moment with lighting. The pendulum is a percussion grenade.


  1. Annie - this is fabulous!! I love the eyes and the little cross ties on his shirt, and the texture and just about everything about it. It's own "architectural moment" meaning sort of a box or open container of it's own? Educate me, please.

  2. Got it - read your other post. "Niche" I understand! I love the words "architectural moment" though. Thanks for a new term!

  3. I must say....I had to pop over here to read more about this new piece of art....I wasn't sure how I was affected at first glance....but seeing it hung....OH MY!!! It is grand!!

    I'm ashamed to say that I have just now read your complete what an interesting woman you are....glad I took the time and will pop in more often.



  4. We are happy to see you love the piece as much as we did. So very happy it has a fantastic home.

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