Monday, January 31, 2011

Designer Dog

Scooter, a Malti-poo, is a Designer Dog...

...see how chic he looks with the gray Flor carpeting, the black and white color scheme...

...and the black leather Le Corbusier chair.

Posted by Picasa
Also, note his obvious design savvy as he admires the functionality of an Eileen Gray table.

(Please ignore the puppy paw prints and dribbles, 'cause Scooter doesn't shed!)


  1. He has great taste. Can't see his little eyeballs. Sweet looking little dog.

  2. He's a real cutie, and what a great taste!
    Maybe he would like the signs from Ramsign ( as well? At least I do :)

  3. Really so cute. The combination of black and white color is makes it very beautiful and gorgeous. It looking so sweet also.

  4. What a little cutie!!! I just love his coloring. I "hopped" on over from your other blog. Now I am followint this one too.

    Thanks for getting back to me about that dog at the dog show that looks like my Buddy. Maybe he also has Bearded Collie in him, that would explain his rather big feet.

    The Bunny Hop sign up starts Tuesday at noon and you are invited. Not sure there will be much participation at first since I've been gone for the last year...

    xoxo Bunny Jean

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