Saturday, September 27, 2008

Minimalist to Minimalist

Vitra Design Miniature, Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand, 1928

I confess: After witnessing Hurricane Ike, Tall Husband and I went house hunting, farther inland, where my son lives with his family. We did not find a house to our liking, so upon our return to Houston I continued my search on-line.

As Tall Son shares my aversion to clutter and kitsch and is a devout minimalist, I trust his design decisions, so sent this e-mail to him:

Mom wrote:

"What do you think of this one?" (I attached a photo of a new modern minimalist house, designed by a great architect; a photo I will not attach here, as I do not want someone to scoop the house out from under us.)

Tall Son responded:

"I like it but it lacks a few Southern touches:
  1. Stone hunting dogs flanking the entry way
  2. A two-foot rusty lone star over the front door.
  3. A junkyard sculpture of a longhorn in the front yard.
  4. Twin lazy boys in the living room facing a ten-foot TV tuned to college football.
  5. A pool table with a plastic Budweiser lampshade over it.
  6. A poster of a large-breasted bimbo in a bikini mounting a Harley in the garage (over the arc welder of course).
  7. A longhorn trophy over the TV that sings the "Yellow Rose of Texas" when you pull its tongue.
  8. Antlers mounted in every room for good measure.
  9. A flashing neon sign over the sound system that just reads "The King."
  10. Oh, and for the little lady: a velvet painting of young Elvis over the stove.
Tall Son"

He loves the house!

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