Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dig It

The replica Grecian foot is from the Paris shop of Astier de Villatte; the signed Ming Vases are by Marcel Wanders for Moooi and were purchased from Mr. Wanders at Sunset Settings in Houston, Texas.
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These wonderful vases by Marcel Wanders, the Dutch designer, are seriously whimsical.  I just had to put them with a Grecian foot...sort of archaeological dig at the ranchburger.

Note: Marcel Wanders is taller than Tall Husband!


  1. I love this Grecian foot - I'm in love with ancient Greek sculptures.

  2. I love Marcel Wanders! Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes! I anticipate 26 being a very productive year(it better be)! Have a fabulous time in the hill country and in Austin! Lucky! I love Austin! I have a project under construction there that I worked on at 2nd and Congress. The Austonian high-rise. Anyways, enjoy the opening for Ligne Roset... wish I could go too! I will live through you!

  3. love those vases!

    josh and i would love to be full blown minimalists, but we love buying those little design accessories way too much(the only things we can actually afford @ this point).

    also, we are changing the DWR show to a later date in July (23rd or 24th)which is better for them and us. i will let you know the details. hope you can still make it!

  4. Hi Harbenger,
    Oh, we are that way about art as well as accessories. Pawson would be horrified.