Friday, April 17, 2009

Ligne Roset Boutique: Austin Opening

Ligne Roset Boutique, Austin, Texas

St-Germain Liqueur and French Champagne

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The world-wide launch of Ligne Roset Boutique, a concept store, was held in Austin last night, with local and global design aficionados and professionals flocking to the event. Antoine Roset, Executive Vice President of Ligne Roset, USA flew in, as did Jessica Cairncross of Ligne Roset USA Corporation. Also, Houston-based French Designer Anne Breaux arrived for the opening. Bruce Wolfe, owner of both the Ligne Roset Boutique and Ligne Roset Houston, hosted the wonderful, artful evening.

Note: At My Ranchburger in Houston, I blog from a chic Ligne Roset desk, Hyannis Port,which the people of Ligne Roset managed to ship unharmed through two consecutive Gulf Coast hurricanes. The day it arrived at the port, Bruce Wolfe, of Ligne Roset Houston, telephoned with good news/bad news. "The good news is that your desk has arrived at the port; the bad news is that it's not perishable."

"Not perishable?"

"Correct! Because of the hurricane, the port authorities are only allowing perishables to be unloaded at this time. Your desk is not perishable!"

The beautiful desk sat on a ship for quite some time but was worth the wait. Plus, as you see, it has it's own story.

To come later: Additional photos of the Ligne Roset Boutique Opening.


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