Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mark Word at DWR Studio Austin

Mark Word, Landscape Designer at DWR Studio, Austin, Texas

The National Planter Project in Austin

Design Within Reach Studio in Austin showed off their green thumbs with Modern Planted Pots.  At this special event, Mark Word, Landscape Designer, discussed his creative and planting process with DWR Studio guests.  Word is famous for his work in Marfa, Texas; Hotel San José, Austin; and Hotel Saint Cecilia, Austin.

Tall Husband and I have followed Word's work via the media, but when we saw his landscaping first hand at Hotel Saint Cecilia recently, we knew we had to meet this designer.  Then Vickie Collins,  proprietor of DWR Studio in Austin, invited us to this event.  We couldn't believe our serendipitous luck.  We immediately RSVP'd an emphatic yes and booked a room at Hotel San José so we could experience, up close and personal, Mark Word's designs for that very different architectural style.  Then we headed to Austin in my old Beemer.

Mark Word's landscaping at Hotel San José is magical.  Trees, plants, shrubs, flowers and the occasional fountain create intimate enclaves, making us wonder why we couldn't just sleep outside with the birds and butterflies.

Mark Word's planting for DWR Orb Planter

Mark Word's plantings for DWR Gratia Planter, Square as seen at Hotel Saint Cecilia, Austin, Texas

Mark Word designed the landscaping for Hotel San José, Austin Texas.

Some of the guests at Mark Word's presentation at DWR Studio in Austin

Seen at DWR Studio in Austin. And who doesn't love orange wedges?
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Note: Drop by later for a more in depth look at Mark Word's landscape design at Hotel San José and a peek inside the hotel.

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All Photos by Annie Sitton


  1. annie-
    bet that show was great. can't wait to see more pictures. i love his work.

    the floor looks pretty interesting @ the austin studio.

    thanks for sharing!

  2. My best girlfriends and I stayed at Hotel San Jose for New Years' 6 years ago and absolutely loved it. Everything about it is so chic and cool. I think I found it by accident online but I'm so glad I did.

  3. The hotel looks soooo nice.

    The square planter juxtaposed with the gargoyle caused me to pause...liked it!

    The orange wedges...well I think I like those the most :-)

    Tricia - Avolli

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